Amnesty Again? May It Never Be.

Suppose your favorite musician is coming to your town to perform a concert and you purchase a ticket to see the show. On the day of the show, you use your ticket to gain admittance into the venue. But once inside, a bunch of people (let’s call them invaders), who did not purchase tickets but want to see the show regardless, manage to sneak in one of several poorly guarded openings. These invaders take your seat and the seats of many others. Reasonably upset you then go to find a security person, usher or some venue official to have these people removed because, after all, they did not purchase tickets and they snuck in, which is illegal.

Obviously the invaders should be kicked out, no matter how many songs they’ve managed to sit through and enjoy. Instead of removing the invaders, however, the officials do nothing, turn a blind eye and/or make excuses as to why they should be able to be allowed to stay, sit in your seat and enjoy the show that you paid to see but they didn’t.

It gets so bad since many ticket holders have also lost their seats that a coalition begins to form to try to appeal to someone higher up in the chain of command to have the invaders removed. There is some success in finding a few security guards to sympathize, but then the management steps in and puts a stop to any attempt at having the invaders, who are in plain sight, removed. They say that there are just too many to kick out, they don’t have the resources and many of the invaders have been here a long time so it’s easier if they just make an allowance for them to stay.

Infuriating, isn’t it?

The above scenario, although an analogy, illustrates the lack of respect foreigners have for our country’s rule of law and the disdain the Obama administration, along with establishment Republicans, have for the security, safety and freedom of American citizens.

Which is why electing the right candidate this 2016 election cycle is so important.

At this point in time, Donald Trump is the front runner and appears to be the candidate who will win the Republican nomination for president. Although Ted Cruz is the strongest, and quite possibly the only, conservative in the race, if he does not win, Trump is the only other candidate who seems likely to fix the problem of illegal immigration.

Those who want to live freely and enjoy the liberties our forefathers fought and died for need to understand the importance of not electing an eGOP Republican, such as Marco Rubio or John Kasich (both whose idea of dealing with illegal immigration is to grant amnesty), and elect someone who will secure the border, build the wall and enforce our immigration laws. For the future of America and her citizens, either Cruz or Trump needs to be elected President of the United States in November 2016.


Tom Folden is a political strategist, conservative author, and Editor-at-Large of, a website for conservative viewpoints. An original participant in the Tea Party, he takes part in pro-America rallies when his time permits. He is also a singer/songwriter and recording artist. For interviews and/or appearances, please contact him at

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