Five Important Things Everyone Should Know About Illegal Immigration

The very touchy subject of illegal immigration has once again become one of the top issues currently discussed in today’s political arena. Although for years the issue has been important to many of us who care about America’s national security, sovereignty and culture, thanks to 2016 Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump more people are being made aware of its seriousness.

The fact that illegal aliens are law breakers and thus should be deported is really not debatable. Yes, there are circumstances where we can make an exception, but those cases are very, very rare. Most people who come here illegally do so in order to take advantage of benefits and opportunities that should be reserved for legal American citizens.

Unfortunately our politicians have failed to secure our borders and enforce immigration law, which states that those here illegally must be deported. They’ve made a mockery of the law by flat out refusing to enforce it. These politicians should be relieved of their duty as civil servants because they’re not serving the public in any good way. Perhaps they need a lesson in Illegal Immigration 101. There are many solid points and sound arguments that can be made but here are five things everyone should know, especially our so-called leaders.

First, the U.S. is a nation of laws and the rule of law is of utmost importance. This precept alone is enough to make every other argument a moot point. Every person in America, legal or illegal, must adhere to it. Our very existence depends on it.

Second, U.S. immigration law does not need to be reformed, comprehensively or otherwise. It needs to be enforced. Our leaders, past presidents, the current president, past and current congressmen and congresswomen, past and current governors, state and local officials of sanctuary cities across America, have failed us in this regard.

Third, the Fourteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution does not provide citizenship to just anyone born inside the U.S. That amendment was very obviously written for the benefit of negro slaves who were brought to America against their will. It does not apply to children born to those who came here illegally (anchor babies). The amendment states that “All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside.” Illegal aliens are not subject to the jurisdiction of the United States, therefore the children they give birth to do not automatically become American citizens.

Fourth, providing amnesty to those here illegally is not the answer toward solving the illegal immigration problem. Amnesty yields disastrous results and only serves to exacerbate the problem. The 1986 amnesty act is a prime example of how wrong it was to usurp the law and magically make several million illegals automatic citizens. President Ronald Reagan later regretted signing this awful bill into law.

Finally, a “path toward citizenship” for illegals (also known as amnesty) rewards illegal behavior and defeats the purpose of our immigration system. Additionally, it is patently unfair to those who immigrated here legally. It doesn’t matter how long an illegal alien has been in the U. S., that person must either leave willingly or be deported. The offense of entering the United States illegally 30 years ago is as serious as entering the United States three months ago. The same crime was committed and it is still punishable.

As there are several things to know about illegal immigration, there are several things we can and should do to thwart future offenses. We should start by securing our borders and building a wall. We also need to go after and prosecute companies that employ illegal aliens. The fines should be so stiff that they’ll never even think about committing that white collar crime again. Another step we need to take is to end sanctuary cities. Any city that turns a blind eye to this lawlessness is culpable and should not just be defunded but also heavily fined. Most importantly, we need to enforce the law and deport illegal aliens when they are detained by authorities. This means that law enforcement officers need to be free to find, detain and turn over illegals to the proper authorities for deportation.

By taking away the jobs, welfare and benefits magnet that illegals are attracted to, many will call it quits and return to their rightful home countries. Contrary to popular opinion, by the way, it is possible to deport the millions of illegal aliens who are here. It would cost less to deport each one than it would be to continue allowing them to siphon taxpayer dollars and drain the economy in the process.

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  1. Robin Hvidston

    Yes this is exactly – well said! And as pointed out it costs LESS to deport illegals than it does to fund them on U.S. soil.

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