Five Weeks and Counting

It has been five weeks now that I have gone without watching any NFL games and I’m at the point of not being able to care less. But I do care about what many players are doing to divide this country.

When Colin Kaepernick started his “protest” last year by kneeling during the national anthem, he said something to the effect that he doesn’t feel proud of this country when there is police brutality against blacks and racial injustice when white police officers are not going to jail for shooting and killing unarmed blacks. Soon after these comments were made many players followed suit and joined him in kneeling during the playing of the national anthem before games.

Most fans of the game saw this as disrespectful toward the flag, the national anthem, the country and especially toward those who serve and have served in the military. Common sense doesn’t seem to get through to these players as they claim they’re not doing it to show disrespect but to protest certain injustices, as well as President Donald Trump.

Whether or not they see it as such, it’s blatantly and undeniably disrespectful. It is a lie to suggest otherwise.

When I see entire teams taking part in this “protest,” I can’t help but think that many if not most of these players just simply don’t know the facts or they’re just going along to get along. But by kneeling during the national anthem, not only are they showing disrespect, they’re alienating fans and costing teams and the league an enormous amount of revenue.

With the platform NFL players have, they could easily form a coalition and conduct a press conference to address their grievances, no matter how misguided they are, and start a proper discussion about what they’re concerned about. The media would surely give them ample airtime and valuable print space.

I’m open to a national discussion on police brutality and racial injustice. I think the country is also open to it. Prove to me that police brutality and racial injustice are systemic in America and I’ll be on your side. But if you can’t prove it, you run the risk of showing your ignorance, losing credibility and further dividing this country.


Tom Folden is a political strategist, conservative thinker, and Editor of, a website for conservative viewpoints. A human rights activist, he is a firm believer in the Constitution and the rule of law. He is also a singer/songwriter and recording artist. For interviews and/or appearances, please contact him at

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