Making the Abnormal Normal

Call you Caitlyn? Uh, no. I prefer to call you Bruce. You were born a male and you still are a male. It doesn’t matter that you prefer to be a woman. It also doesn’t matter if you feel deep down in your heart that you are a woman, you’re not. You’re still a man. But you’re a man with a serious mental disorder and that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

There is no room for joking about this, really. People still do, unfortunately. Let’s realize, however, that as unreal and absurd as it looks on the surface, deep down inside Bruce Jenner is hurting. So much so that he went to the extremes of taking physical altering medication he has no business taking and underwent surgical procedures that in the long term will affect him physically as well as psychologically. It probably already has.

All this has been praised by the mainstream media as courageous. Little do they care how deviant this behavioral condition is because in this age of social defiance the trend is to make bad good, make wrong right and make abnormal normal. It is a deliberate rejection of morality, social or otherwise.


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