Open Letter to Senator Marco Rubio

WTP RallyI recently responded to Senator Marco Rubio’s (R-FL) request for comments and suggestions pertaining to the awful “immigration reform” bill proposed by the seemingly self-serving and so-called “Gang of Eight.” Below is my comment.

Senator Rubio,

I want to believe you but I don’t. I respected you when you came onto the political scene and appeared to be very genuine to the conservative cause. But you have let many of us down. We thought you were here to uphold the law, not to drastically change it.

We don’t need “immigration reform.” We need “immigration enforcement.” We have laws that work very well when properly and diligently enforced. Keep these laws enacted. Trash the idea of a “pathway to citizenship” and implement a “pathway back to the home country.” When there, illegal aliens can take the proper steps to become American citizens. (I’m being generous and democratic with that.)

The problem with many, if not most, illegal aliens is that they do not wish to become Americans and assimilate into the American culture. That is something that must be addressed.

Let’s not sugarcoat what illegal aliens are by euphemizing them into an undocumented status. Those who snuck into the United States are 1) illegal and 2) aliens. They are not immigrants in the correct sense of the word.

With regard to legal immigration, consider only those who are able and willing to make a positive contribution to our country. And keep control of the number that we can sensibly and economically handle.

When we need immigrants they should come here legally. Perhaps the system by which that happens can use some work, but giving up and just writing a bill that allows and rewards lawbreakers is just bad policy. It’s not good for America and especially not good for a strong national security.

The temporary worker visa program can be dealt with after properly securing the border, not with a simple fence, but with a highly guarded 20- to 30-foot wall constructed of impenetrable material.

We need to take illegal immigration very, very seriously. With all due respect, this bill does not correctly do that.

Obviously there is a lot more to securing our borders and keeping Americans safe, but this is my perspective. Thank you for the forum you’ve allowed for We the People to express our views, opinions and suggestions. It is very important that Americans are heard by their elected leaders. So please, Senator, listen to the People and take our suggestions seriously.


Tom Folden

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