Read Between the Platitudes

At a White House summit on Wednesday, February 18, 2015 designed to address issues of countering violent extremism, one would have thought Obama’s hand was forced. Finally, he’ll have to openly deal with this very obvious problem. He can’t escape the blaring fact that ISIS is a threat as well as Al Qaeda, Hamas, Hezbollah, the Muslim Brotherhood and others that have the same common denominator – they are all radical Islamists. But Obama couldn’t muster up the will to say it. It begs the obvious question.

In his address, which was a cross between a campaign speech and a lecture, Obama managed to dodge what was supposed to be the whole point of the dog and pony show, I mean summit: countering extremism. He instead turned it around and focused his comments on racial hatred and discrimination against the Muslim community. Are you kidding me? There is no great epidemic of discriminating against Muslims. Where does he get that?

Well, he manufactures it. Since he cannot bring himself to confront the ugly truth, that radical Islam is at war with the West, he re-directs the conversation into this supposed widespread racial discrimination of Muslims. So by stifling any discussion of real world problems, the kind where ISIS et al rape, torture, traffic, behead, burn and kill Christians, Jews and anyone else who is not on their side, Obama is able to escape an obviously uncomfortable topic.

From any other president it would be surprising, except with Obama, it is expected. He has not been able to admit what the real problem is. As Greg Gutfeld explained on FOX News’ political talk show The Five, which aired that same day, “He’s a terrorism denier.”

That is, in fact, what he is.

Obama managed to insult most Americans, as if we’re the problem and others we are at war with are victims. Clearly, as a United States president, his speech was the opposite of what it should have been. And with an audience most likely stacked with his own hand-picked supporters, there were countless interruptions of mindless applause.

But did anyone expect anything different? As Obama usually does with his speeches and addresses, he peppered this one with just enough platitudes to make those who don’t know better feel good. To the average American, I suppose, it sounds inspirational. But for a speech designed to address countering extremism, he admonished those who are genuinely fearful and concerned with the threat of radical jihad here in America and abroad.

When does it become necessary for our Armed Forces to intercede and remove him from the responsibility of President of the United States? I realize it would set off a firestorm, but I also know that what has been happening is so treasonous that it warrants expulsion from office.

Congress has been of no help. In fact, calling Obama out for his dereliction of duty has been one of its key failures. They have neither the leadership nor the desire to do what they are sworn to do. They haven’t even entertained the idea that in order to reverse the destruction he has already done to our country they need to act. It will take a special kind of courage, which few members of Congress have. Surely they would have to withstand the scourge of hate and vitriol the left is going to spew. And of course the left will try to turn the argument around.

Yes, the leftist media and liberal organizations have a habit of taking incidents that look bad for them and reversing the facts to make it look as if extreme right wing ideology is to blame. It’s called projection. Because the facts don’t fit their version of the story, they just make up their own and guess what? People, mindless people, mind you, believe them because these mindless people are too lazy to find out the real story for themselves. Obama employs this tactic quite often. It’s how he got elected and how he continues to deceive people.

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