Scandal After Scandal Defines Obama Administration Legacy

Never in American history has there been a White House administration so stained by scandal and controversy. From the Fast and Furious gun-running affair to the Benghazi cover-up to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) targeting conservative organizations to the Department of Justice (DOJ) invading Associated Press (AP) journalists’ phone records, controversy plagues them and it’s been their own doing.

These, however, are just some examples of current situations it’s gotten itself into. Let’s not forget the comments made by Obama early in his first term about an incident in Cambridge, Massachusetts, where Harvard University Professor and personal friend of the president Henry Louis Gates was arrested for disorderly conduct after Cambridge Police Officer James Crowley responded to a call about someone breaking into a home. Unbecoming of a United States President, Obama stated that the officer “acted stupidly” by arresting Gates. Embarrassed by his unfounded claim, Obama invited both Gates and Crowley to a “beer summit” to smooth out the matter, but mostly to try to save face.

Then there is the DOJ lawsuit in 2010 against the state of Arizona in response to their wildly popular SB1070 bill which allowed law enforcement officers to find out if a person was in the country illegally. The bill was carefully crafted by Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach and Arizona State Senator Russell Pearce to make certain it did not violate a person’s rights, not that illegal aliens have rights here. That didn’t matter to this administration and they went forward with helping illegal aliens carry on unlawfully inside the country, sending the message that we are no longer a nation of laws.

As if that’s not enough of a wake-up call to Americans that this White House is doing things completely backward, the administration became plagued with a series of questionable ventures involving grants to “green energy” companies. Apparently, they thought environmental science was the wave of the future so they risked billions of taxpayer dollars on an industry that was doomed to fail. Solyndra became the prime example after it was given over $500 million, much of that money going to executives’ salaries. The bucks didn’t stop there, though. Many other “green energy” companies received millions of dollars from the government, er, you and me, as responsible journalists like Michelle Malkin and others reported and exposed this famous but not forgotten scandal.

In any other White House administration, heads would roll, but not in this one. The scandals continued. Thanks in large part to News Editor and author Katie Pavlich, we soon learned about a very serious scandal known as Fast and Furious, a drug-running operation headed by the DOJ, where 2500 semi-automatic AK47-style weapons were trafficked through Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) agents to Mexican drug cartels. Attorney General Eric Holder has continued to play dumb about this most egregious crime, even when it is known that he received memos about it. The most disturbing thing about Fast and Furious is that Border Patrol agent Brian Terry was killed by a Mexican drug cartel member using one of these ATF-trafficked rifles. Still no one has been held accountable for his death or this outrageous scandal.

It gets worse, if that’s even possible. On September 11, 2012, the 11th anniversary of this country’s most devastating terror attack on American soil, al Qaeda terrorists attacked our embassy in Benghazi, Libya, killing four Americans including Ambassador Christopher Stevens. Five days later Ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice went on five different Sunday morning “news” programs to claim that this attack was a demonstration, a protest which was the result of an anti-Islam short movie posted on That is such a far-fetched theory; I wouldn’t expect even Obama supporters to fall for it. The Libyan president even commented that this was not a protest, but an attack. Many raised the point that people don’t just bring rocket-propelled grenades to protests. This was a planned attack. Given the day this happened, how does one not conclude this fact?

This quickly escalated into a cover-up by the White House administration, although they have vehemently denied it to this very day. In early January 2013, then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was grilled by Congress about the incident and her role in it. Curiously, she asked “What difference, at this point, does it make?” Well, when four Americans are dead, her employees, I think it makes a huge difference, especially to the families of those who died. This administration has stalled and stonewalled this investigation and have kept the American people from finding out the who, what, where, when, how and why of this dreadful event. Eight months later we are finally getting to the bottom of this. Hopefully, those responsible will be held accountable.

No sooner than when the country’s finally finding out the truth about Benghazi, and what most already knew, another scandal hits the White House, this time with the IRS targeting conservative groups that are trying to establish 501(c) status. The targeting took place in the middle of election season. The plan was to keep conservative groups, tea party organizations and constitutional affiliations from being able to organize, lest they educate enough people and gain enough support for Mitt Romney. The prevailing wisdom is that Team Obama was desperate and feared losing the election. After all, Romney destroyed Obama in the debates and the prospect of winning a second term didn’t look good.

Obama again went on the defensive and stated that if it’s true that the IRS is targeting certain groups, then that is outrageous. As a reporter pointed out to White House press secretary Jay Carney at a briefing on Tuesday, there is no if there. The IRS has already admitted to it and apologized, as if that is sufficient.  But it isn’t sufficient. This is not just standard party politics. It’s much worse. I don’t remember the IRS targeting ACORN,, Media Matters, Planned Parenthood, or any of George Soros’ organizations during President George W. Bush’s terms. This truly is beyond outrageous.

What’s even more outrageous is that yet another scandal has hit the White House. This one involves the Department of Justice again. The DOJ has unconstitutionally infiltrated the phone lines and records of many AP journalists. The reason for the intrusion may be in connection to a May 7, 2012 story by the AP about a foiled terror plot, wherein details of a CIA operation in Yemen were disclosed. The bottom line, however, is that there is a 1st Amendment right to freedom of the press, as well as a 4th Amendment right against unlawful search and seizure. The DOJ seems to care less about the Constitution, as they have exemplified in the past.

When questioned about this latest atrocity, AG Holder reminded the press that he previously recused himself. That’s convenient for him. It’s usually the same song and dance with Obama and Carney. The answer to almost every serious matter they’re up against seems to be to authoritatively state that “there will be an investigation” and “they’re working to get to the bottom of this.” The problem is that the investigation is usually conducted by someone they personally appoint. So there remains a lack of accountability either way.

With every controversial issue that emerges, a White House briefing is held with Carney skating around the truth, avoiding the issue at all costs. Talking in circles, he uses buzz words and the same tired talking points in an effort to escape his responsibility to inform reporters and the American people of the truth.

And while Obama mocks people warning of government tyranny and complains of the ongoing discussion of Benghazi talking points being a “political sideshow,” I wonder if any of this will ever sink in with the American people. It should. It’s time for Americans to wake up.

After this latest scandal, the mainstream media quite possibly will. And if the mainstream media turns against Obama, the DOJ, the IRS and other governmental agencies, we the people just might stand a chance of freedom the way our founding fathers envisioned it.

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