Thanks Mitt Romney

Thanks, Mitt Romney, for coming to your senses. Now it’s time to get Jeb Bush to realize that Americans don’t want another Bush in office. Even if he was the right person for the job, and he’s not, he wouldn’t be the best thing for America.

It’s unfortunate that simple-minded people have tarnished the Bush name. George H.W. served honorably as a U.S. Navy pilot and was gracious enough to take a back seat to the late and great President Ronald Reagan when it became evident Reagan was the popular choice among most Americans. After serving eight years as Reagan’s vice-president, Bush Sr. was easily elected and became a wartime president. As Commander-in-Chief he made the difficult decision, along with Congress’ approval, to lead our brave men and women into the first Gulf War, and with the strong leadership of Generals Colin Powell and Norman Schwarzkopf, our Armed Forces waged a successful military campaign. But Americans read his lips when he said on his campaign trail “No New Taxes.” It seems Republicans will never learn that Democrats don’t play fair.

George W. Bush was a great president and a likable man. But he, too, made some mistakes. One was not properly securing our borders, even when the threat of terrorism was eminent. It really doesn’t pay to appease Democrats. The Democrats’ and liberals’ vitriol for him was unprecedented and unnecessarily intense. It wasn’t that they had a good reason to dislike and hate him, there is a contingency that will just hate any and all Republicans, especially conservatives. It started in November of 2000 when Bush won and Al Gore lost the 2000 election fair and square. But Bush didn’t just win fair and square, Al Gore and the Democrats tried to cheat, as they usually do.

So Jeb Bush may make a run for President of the United States, which is not in his best interest. Neither is it in the best interest of Republicans. Please Jeb, take a hint from Mitt Romney and don’t run for an office you can’t possibly win.


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