The Ongoing Effort to Delegitimize President Trump

When Barack Obama became President-elect in 2008 Americans were reasonably upset for a number of reasons, especially for his plans to widely redistribute the wealth created and earned by hard-working individuals, not the federal government. As a result, the TEA Party was formed to fight Obama’s and the left’s agenda.

Contrast that to what President Trump has had to deal with. From the day he announced his candidacy for president in 2015 there have been endless protests. They have been about anything from illegal immigration to the so-called “war on women.” With the help of the mainstream media (MSM) and Hollywood liberals, these protests represent an ongoing effort to delegitimize President Trump.

Protests on the left, many funded by George Soros, have at times become very riotous and violent. Police forces and even the National Guard have been summoned to handle crowds and enforce law and order which many times results in arrests. Looting and destruction leaves cities and towns in total and costly disarray.

Now contrast that to the rallies TEA Party groups held. They were organized and peaceful, although the MSM reported falsely about them and chose to focus on that one fringe person, or the plant, who attended in order be disruptive and cast the TEA Party in a negative light. Another thing the MSM didn’t report on is the fact that TEA Party rally sites were left in a cleaner state than they were before the events started.

This is partly what is meant by fake news. The MSM is very good at hyping up their non-substantial stories in order to incite the public into turning against Trump. Their objective has been to castigate people on the right, whether a pundit, politician or preacher, in a negative light. That’s how they indoctrinate the public who know no better. It’s like a public school teacher teaching children Democrats=Good, Republicans=Bad.

This indoctrination is prevalent in network newscasts, movies, television shows and has even worked its way into sports broadcasting. We’re constantly fed this claptrap, subliminally or blatantly, that the right wants to make your life miserable, while the left is so honorable and cares so much for the people…and the children, and the homeless, and the “undocumented immigrants,” and the refugees, and women, and on and on and on.

It’s simply not true. The right wants all Americans to be treated equally, fairly, and have the same opportunities so that people can make the most out of their lives and be successful. The left would have you believe the opposite and since they control the MSM it’s how they seek to achieve their objective of delegitimizing Trump’s presidency.


Tom Folden is a political strategist, conservative thinker, and Editor-at-Large of, a website for conservative viewpoints. An original participant in the Tea Party, he takes part in pro-America rallies when his time permits. He is also a singer/songwriter and recording artist. For interviews and/or appearances, please contact him at

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