You Can’t Change the Unchangeable

The Supreme Court’s recent decision on the oxymoronic phrase “gay marriage” tells us a few key things. First, it tells us that Obama should have been voted out of office in 2012. Better yet, he should not have been voted into office in 2008. Of course, that is my opinion for a number of reasons and many will strongly disagree with me.

Second, it shows what happens when proponents and opponents of an issue are unwilling to engage in an honest and open debate. This is the case with many issues. It happened with Obamacare and it is happening again with the current proposed immigration reform bill.

Third, it tells us that just as our country is divided on certain issues, so is our Supreme Court. But my guess is that the Supreme court does not truly represent the values of Americans as a whole. The majority of them ignored the principle of the issue and the will of the people.

The will of the people is for the definition of marriage to be respected. Most Americans don’t want the definition of marriage tampered with. As such, most Americans don’t feel it is the role of government to meddle into the lives of its citizens and proscribe values for them. That should be left to each individual, so long as it does not harm another individual.

It is not out of hatred that the majority of Americans want to keep same-sex couples from using the institution of marriage for their civil unions. Understand that most people have nothing against gay men and lesbian women. Most couldn’t care less if same-sex partners want to be together, live together, have long-term commited relationships, and partake in everything that entails. There should be equality for everybody.

But gay people not being able to marry does not mean they are not equal. They are. Nothing about not being able to marry a partner spells inequality. Those who think this are either willfully ignorant, ill-informed, indoctrinated or all of the above.

Marriage, by definition, is the union between one man and one woman. It is not the union between two people regardless of gender. Marriage is reserved for one man, one woman groupings, no other combination, whatsoever.

The definition of marriage is unchangeable. It is what it is and cannot be added to, expounded upon or amended. It is nobody’s place to do that, not even the Supreme Court’s. Those who want to redefine marriage have complete disregard for the sanctity of marriage.

The key to understanding this issue is to understand the definition of marriage as being unchangeable.

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